k.a. The Judy Bird)" from Genius Recipes. I was only barely able to remove the giblets from the neck area, but it was still too frozen to remove th...

...e neck fom the cavity, even after a long time under running water. I have put the unbrined turkey back in the fridge, any advice

Robin O'D


Robin O. November 20, 2011
Great, thanks.
Kristen M. November 20, 2011
No, I wouldn't worry!
Robin O. November 20, 2011
Thanks Kristen, should I worry that I will not be able to rinse out the cavity once the brine is on?
Kristen M. November 20, 2011
Thanks for the report -- how about going for the brining (even sprinkling some in the cavity too) and trying to pull out the neck later on in the process (either when you flip or at the end)? I don't think it will inhibit the brining too much being in there, since most of the salt works its way in from the outside.
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