The AP writes on the proliferation of cooking conundrum first-responders: but neglect to mention foodpickle



luvcookbooks November 6, 2010
perhaps they will be publishing a follow up on a community approach to first responders.... worked for ventricular fibrillation, after all ... a defibrillator in every public school in nyc...
innoabrd November 6, 2010
As an AP spouse, I'm embarrassed! Dare I show my face around here again?!
betteirene November 5, 2010
Clearly, the AP either did not do enough research or they chose to go with helplines staffed only by "experts" because they also ignored chowhound and seriouseats, two other food sites for regular people.

I'd rather have my questions answered here, where a question could have five or more answers, all of them correct. And much as I love Paula Deen's gumption and admire Martha Stewart's business acumen, I'm not sure I'd want either of them to give me ideas for what to do with a freezer full of roasted tomatoes. I'd much rather hear yours.
mrslarkin November 5, 2010
Clearly, the AP is missing something.
Kayb November 5, 2010
How dare they! We are the Magic Pickle!
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