I bought my 15 lb frozen turkey yesterday, and put it directly into the fridge. I want to dry brine it, but I'm not cooking it until Saturday



mama_sara November 21, 2011
Francesca, thanks so much for your quick response. Part of my question was cut off. It's in the fridge now, is it safe to keep in the fridge (in the original packaging) until Wednesday, then brine it, or should I stick it in the freezer until Wednesday?
francesca G. November 21, 2011
So sorry, is your question whether or not it's possible to brine a turkey as it defrosts? Yes! It is! Have a look at the Genius Recipe post from last week -- should help you on that front: http://www.food52.com/blog/2713_russ_parsons_drybrined_turkey_aka_the_judy_bird
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