I made whole berry cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving-sugar, water and cranberries. I'm curious as to how to use cranberries to make jam. Maybe different proportions of the same ingredients? And having never seen Cranberry Jam anywhere before, it makes me wonder if it's possible.



fortyniner November 27, 2010
How lucky are you being able to get cranberries! We are unable to grow them in Oz, but I am a big cranberry fan and adore the craisins etc which I use in as many recipes as possible! However we do have Lilli Pilli trees which have a similar berry so next year when they are fruiting I am going to attempt Lilli Pilli Jam after actually finding a recipe on the web. Good luck with your cranberry jam.
fancyprincess12 November 27, 2010
Great! Couldn't quite make the transition from sauce to jam. Thanks!
betteirene November 27, 2010
Here's a start:


I use the juice and zest from one orange or lemon, and use regular OJ or ginger ale to bring the liquid measurement to two cups.

There's plain jam, and then there's chutney: If you want to add herbs like thyme and spices like ginger, there's a million recipes floating around for cranberry chutney.
hardlikearmour November 27, 2010
Alton Brown made cranberry jam on Good Eats at one point. Do a search on the food networks site. I haven't made it, but imagine it would be good. AB is generally reliable.
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