I didn't realize metal pie tins were preferably--is that mostly to get a cooked crust?



Karenmwaters November 23, 2011
Thank you all for your help!!!!
gt9 November 23, 2011
I am using glass now as my pumpkin pie bakes...will let you know about the crust...looking forward to golden brown.
SKK November 23, 2011
I much prefer glass - metal tends to burn. And my hands down favorites is my Emile Henry.
sdebrango November 23, 2011
I agree SKK, I use my glass pans for a pie that does not require a deeper pan but my Emile Henry always for apple or other fruit pies that can hold a lot of filling. Never disappointed with the results.
broccolirose November 23, 2011
There's an article on Cook's Illustrated that says glass pie plates may be better to bake in since glass heats more slowly and evenly than metal, so you're more likely to get a golden crust and cooked filling.
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