What are you drinking before the meal with appetizers?

We'll be doing champagne and wines with dinner

  • Posted by: alexlutz
  • November 23, 2011


wssmom November 23, 2011
Bloodhounds from howtocookabear!
aargersi November 23, 2011
Pink champagne!
AntoniaJames November 23, 2011
Tomorrow, Merrill's Mulled White Wine with Pear Brandy: http://www.food52.com/recipes/8547_mulled_white_wine_with_pear_brandy

Served with Blue Cheese and Fig Savouries, and Salted Almonds (from Book 1). ;o)
Merrill S. November 23, 2011
AJ, I'm so flattered you're making my mulled wine! Hope you like it. Wish I could indulge myself, but will have to wait until next year!
francesca G. November 23, 2011
Prosecco ... Always :)
boulangere November 23, 2011
I'll be toasting along with Francesca with Prosecco!
beyondcelery November 23, 2011
That's exactly what we usually do. Splashes of grapefruit juice have been known to make their way into the glasses of champagne.
robinsaunders December 7, 2020
I love the grapefruit juice idea! I love a splash of Chambord or Pomegranite juice with arils as a garnish of course!
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