Do You Suggest Wines????

Favorite new company menu is Melissa Clark's Duck Confit followed by Lazy Mary's Lemon Tart. Can you recommend wine/after dinner drink to go with Lemon Tart?



mvangraaf April 20, 2012
Thank you everyone! I think I like the strong, black coffee approach best. When I make Lazy Mary's Lemon Tart, I toss an extra lemon's pretty lemony!
midnitechef April 20, 2012
I would go with Riesling or a lemongrass tea.
ChefOno April 20, 2012

I wouldn't change a word of Chef June's response except to add Spätlese into the list of possibilities.

I am a big fan of the German system. It's easy to understand and you can be relatively certain the label will accurately describe the wine.

ChefOno April 20, 2012

I just realized that might not be clear to anyone not acquainted with German wine. I should have written "Spätlese Riesling".
ChefJune April 20, 2012
A lot depends upon the intensity and sweetness of the lemon tart recipe. I usually serve coffee with mine, and limoncello afterwards. Lemon is a tricky flavor with sweet wines because of its tartness.

You could try matching the acidic sweetness with an Auslese Riesling, but it might be specific to one Riesling, and not the group in general. This would involve "testing."
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