Storing cake overnight before glazing

How should I store my applesauce cake over night? Wrap? Refrigerate? Put it in a container? Leave it on the counter? I'll glaze it tomorrow.



boulangere November 23, 2011
Sorry, but I beg to politely disagree with the refrigeration advice. At temps of 40 degrees or below, and I hope your refrigerator temps out at lower than 40 degrees, starch molecules begin to break down. In doing so, they shed their water molecules, causing premature "staling." The best place for an un-iced cake is wrapped securely in plastic and stored at room temp. If you were in my house, the best place for the plastic-wrapped cake would be in the oven, where Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City?) stored her sweaters. Here, it's the most secure overnight spot for anything that needs to be safe from the cats and dogs. And I hang a kitchen towel over the oven handle to remind me not to zing the temp up to bake something without checking for something hiding inside. Have a lovely holiday!
Merrill S. November 23, 2011
Thank you, and I bow to your expertise on this one, boulangere. In fact, I too have left this cake out at room temp overnight (wrapped, of course) many a time, with no negative results.
Merrill S. November 23, 2011
Oh, how nice! And yes, I'd do the same thing for the small cakes as for the large. Happy Thanksgiving!
maryvelasquez November 23, 2011
It's your applesauce cake! I actually made several small cakes instead of one large. Same advice?
Merrill S. November 23, 2011
What recipe are you using? I'd wrap it in plastic or put it in an airtight container and store it in the refrigerator, and then let it come to room temp tomorrow before you glaze it.
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