A Brazilian Thanksgiving--How was yours?

I'm here with our good friend on our Thanksgiving Palooza,and she has a message for all you guys on Food52:"I'm the friend who had the satisfaction of enjoing a great Thanksgiving celebration.It was really wonderful and a great surprise!"Thanks everyone for all the tips.

  • Posted by: mensaque
  • November 24, 2011


mensaque November 25, 2011
Hey,everyone...Yesterday we forgot all about time zones what means that when I posted the question you were all carving turkeys as we were all ready to collapse on the couch.We served our bird with the traditional stuffing around here:farofa...made from yuka meal instead of bread crums,some smoked sausage,red peppers,onions and the turkey's insides.The gravy also had a twist:I deglazed the turkey dish with some broth and malzbeer,added some cumin-wich I love-and thickened it with roux.We had sweet potatoes with dried chives and olive oil,corn,mashed potatoes with nutmeg and heavy cream,green beans and white rice--no brazilian meal is complete without it! For the fake cramberries,I used red grapes,sugar,ground ginger,ground chilli peper,white wine vinager,salt and raspberry jam,cooked for fifteen minutes on medium heat...our friend says it got close...maybe she was just being nice but it was pretty good even if it wasn't the same.(I had a little help from Martha Stewart with that so it would not be ALL my fault if it din't work,hahaha!)For the pie,I got the recipe right here on food52,from okadots:Perfected Pumpikin Pie...and perfect it was!After all that,all we wanted was some good old brazilian coffee and the already mentioned couch to collapse on...We are touched to be on your minds on such a special day and be sure you were all on my list when we were saying grace...
SKK November 25, 2011
Thank you, mensaque, for sharing your wonderful menu!
drbabs November 25, 2011
Happy Thanksgiving to you, menasque; what a nice treat for your friend.
SKK November 25, 2011
Mensaque, was at my sister's home for Thanksgiving dinner and found myself wondering if your friend was surprised and what you served. So great to read your experience!
susan G. November 24, 2011
mensaque, thank you for sharing your adventure with us! Maybe you have started a new tradition for your family. Most Americans and Canadians love our harvest celebration, because it is positive, bonding and delicious. How nice to look at the positive things in our lives.
creamtea November 24, 2011
I'm so glad to hear about your lovely celebration.
boulangere November 24, 2011
Oh what wonderful news! I'd been wondering how your kind surprise came off. What a lovely friend you are.
francesca G. November 24, 2011
Fantastic! How exciting -- enjoy your meal and a very hearty Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Food52!
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