What rice is used to make sticky rice?

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sarah K. November 27, 2011
Panfusine, I hope you find it! I spent 1 1/2 years in the Philippines, and sticky rice was one of my favorite treats there. It was most often cooked in coconut milk, or had some added after cooking, along with brown sugar and maybe some toasted shredded coconut. I loved it so much. So if your local asian market has a specifically Filipino section, you would for sure find it there.
Panfusine November 27, 2011
thanks Sarah K.. Truth be told, I may have just made do with sushi rice each time since its not easy to describe what you're looking for in many asian groceries, unless youre familiar with the language...I'll definitely look out for it under malagkit
sarah K. November 27, 2011
Respectfully to pierino and panfusine, and without the least bit of sass, I'll agree with petitbleu above that you need to look for glutinous rice. Calrose and other short grain whites are really not sticky rice. They do stick together, but in sticky rice, you want a definite viscousness, without having to overcook the rice. It's easy to find glutinous rice (also labeled "malagkit") at asian markets. It cooks up with a very sticky texture, like a lumpy pudding. If it's not gooey, it's not sticky rice.
Panfusine November 25, 2011
Sushi rice, or as pierino says any shortgrain rice, although Jasmine rice can be sticky as well, Just stay away from the Basmati varieties.
pierino November 25, 2011
Definitely a short grain white rice. Calrose will do. Easy to find in supermarkets.
petitbleu November 25, 2011
Look for "glutinous rice." Easy enough to find at Asian supermarkets, but I'm sure that you could find it at better supermarkets as well.
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