If I Use Chicken Stock to Steam Sticky Rice Packets or Bowls?

I am in the middle of preping to riff on this recipe for Chinese Sticky Rice. If I follow it, the rice will be cooked in a big pot with stock and other flavorings. But I would like to steam the rice (and additions) in little bowls(that get inverted for presentation) or banana leaf packages. Have you ever tried making it in bowls or packets, and using chicken stock instead of water to steam them? or maybe i could put chicken demi (I do have alot) in the bowls/packets, in addition to the soy/oyster sauce etc....? I really appreciate your thoughts.


LeBec Fin


cookbookchick December 29, 2015
Unless the flavor components of the stck are volatile, the steam created would be all (or mostly) water. However, you could try it and then reuse the broth left in the bottom of the pot which would now be just somewhat more concentrated.
702551 December 29, 2015
I suggest you follow cookbookchick's suggestion.

Asian restaurants often mold rice in small bowls, then unmold on a plate.

As for the liquid, chicken stock works like water, not just for sticky rice, but for grains in general. I don't know if you've ever made rice pilaf with chicken stock.
LeBec F. December 29, 2015
sure, i understand that principle. My question was meant to ask if the chicken stock would be absorbed via the steam, in my idea. I can't see why it wouldn't but I asked because I'm unsure. Similarly, iirc, all the steamed couscous recipes i've seen have been for steaming w/ water.....
702551 December 29, 2015
My guess is that the chicken stock and seasonings would be uneven in a steaming situation. Frankly, you seem to be making this into a far more fussier project than necessary.

Anyhow, good luck.
Nancy December 29, 2015
Agree with cookbookchick that most of the steam (even from broth) will be water.
Parenthetically, I first learned to make couscous with broth & remember several recipes using it, e.g., one from Tori Avey
and here are some more:
Susan W. December 29, 2015
Personally, I would follow the recipe as written and then portion it in bowls or banana leaves to reheat with steam. The rice will congeal, but that's the nature of it.
cookbookchick December 29, 2015
I've never made sticky rice, but warm cooked rice can be packed into small cups or small bowls and then inverted onto plates for serving. It seems to me that would be easier than trying to cook individual servings.
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