For the first time all season, I did not sell out of bread at the Farmers Market. Now I have several lovely ciabattaesque loaves at hand. What's your favorite bread-centric meal? Am thinking a panade perhaps, but would love ideas.



Jon P. November 8, 2010
Let's not forget pain perdu, the time-honored solution to leftover bread!
gigiaxline November 8, 2010
My sister used to make a soup in a Dutch oven using layers of fontina, bread, cabbage and sliced kilbasa - probably a bastardized version of panade described above. I think the original recipe was in a late 80's Sunset magazine, but you could probably just layer in all the stuff, stick in a few bay leaves and pour beef stock to the top and bake till bubbly and hot.
mrslarkin November 7, 2010
@LND, that sounds freakin' amazing.
pierino November 7, 2010
Ribollita, which is a second day minestra with old bread blended in. But panzanella is not a bad idea because it does call for stale bread.
mrslarkin November 7, 2010
Ck out essential ny times cook book pages 77, 91, 198, 350, 844. Yummy!
lastnightsdinner November 7, 2010
@mrslarkin per Judy Rodgers in the Zuni Cafe Cookbook, it's a "big bread thing" - sort of a hybrid of a savory bread pudding and the breadiest french onion soup you could imagine, all baked in a big dutch oven. Layers of bread and veg and cheese, moistened with stock and baked until soft and custardy and puffy. It's amazing, probably my favorite thing we've cooked from that book (smoke-inducing chicken included).
campagnes November 7, 2010
oh my.. if I'd been around, you most certainly would not have had bread left over.:)

When I think leftover bread, I think of this recipe:

It only calls for 1/2 cup bread crumbs, but hey, any excuse for dessert.
mrslarkin November 7, 2010
What's panade?
JSCooks November 7, 2010
Soups and salads and appetizers and puddings, for sure -- and if there's still some left, I'm sure a local food pantry or soup kitchen would be pleased to have it!
Soozll November 7, 2010
Sounds like panade is kind of like the stuffing we make for our turkey! Wow, some of the recipes I've read look so good, I'd be tempted to go ahead and make a panade with that leftover bread! Heck..I'm going to snag some of the ideas from panade for my dressing this year! Mmmm...they look so good!
bella S. November 7, 2010
Panzanella. Pappa al Pomodoro. Crostini. Croutons. Bread Pudding. SInce you have "several" loaves, I 'd do a combination of all of the above. For comfort, also make yourself a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato and mustard. Could I have a couple of slices, please? I'll provide the Compte or Dubliner, the tomato, and the mustard.
Savorykitchen November 7, 2010
Ya - now I think panade is going to be it. Since I typed the word, I've been thinking about it. Plus I have a 4 pound kohlrabi that's got to go into *something*. :-)
lastnightsdinner November 7, 2010
I've been thinking about panade for days... mmmm. Savory bread pudding is a favorite, too.
Mr_Vittles November 7, 2010
Bread Pudding! French Toast! Panini! Dressing (stuffing)! As well as meat loaf, tops for french onion soup, and panzanella salad! If nothing else, make bread crumbs with them!
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