A question about a recipe: Cocoa Pear Crisps

Since this is essentially a recipe for dried fruit, does anyone know why the recipe states that they only keep for 2 days? Has anyone made them & kept them longer? Most dried fruit lasts for months (making it perfect for Christmas Gifts). I keep hoping that Rivka was just being overly cautious, but would love an experienced opinion.

Blissful Baker
Cocoa Dried Pear Chips
Recipe question for: Cocoa Dried Pear Chips


Blissful B. November 29, 2011
Thank you. That makes sense. I think I'll do a test run at home & see how I like the soft texture. As long as the flavor remains, I think they'd still be delicious.
Rivka November 29, 2011
Hey there'd, sorry for the delay in answering your question. You're right that this is a recipe for dried fruit, and if you don't mind soft dried pears, you can keep these indefinitely, I suppose. I found that the pears lost their crunch after 2 days in the Tupperware - whatever humidity is left in the ears (or in the kitchen) softened them right back up. Hope this helps.
Droplet November 29, 2011
I assume that she means they keep their best texture for about 2 days, that is crispness and the cocoa dust layer, before moisture affects these enough to be noticeable when they are served as a snack. Not that they will go bad that soon.
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