I have made infused pear vodka and brandy. I removed the fruit from the vodka, but do I need to refrigerate the alcohol? They are for gifts!



cococovey December 1, 2011
Thank you! Now do you have an idea for the whole pears I have in each jar of brandy? One I peeled and one was left unpeeled.
hardlikearmour December 1, 2011
I would turn them into some sort of fruit compote - the brandy one especially would be good IMO - to serve over ice cream or bread pudding. Or toss them into a fruit crisp. Pear peels are thin, so you wouldn't necessarily have to peel the one you haven't peeled.
hardlikearmour December 1, 2011
No. The alcohol content will prevent any problems. I have some infused vodka I made several years ago, it's been on a shelf in cool area and is still good.
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