I'm making a pear clafoutis to bring to a dinner party tonight. I've made traditional clafoutis many times (cherry, pear, etc.) and have always put a couple of tablespoons of a spirit in the batter - kirsch for cherry, cognac or pear liqueur for pear, and so on.

Tonight, however, there will be someone at the dinner who can't have alcohol (at all,) so I'll just use vanilla. Am concerned it will be bland...anyone ever made a booze-free clafoutis and was it just as tasty? (I know many recipes don't even call for it, but I'm skeptical.)



innoabrd February 6, 2011
I realize I'm late to the conversation, but I often use black pepper when I do one. Think it works beautifully with pear, apple and cherry.
amysarah February 5, 2011
No worries about the vanilla - I'm using a bean.

I thought of using sliced almonds (almond/pear - always a good combo) or some spice(s) - was thinking of ginger, but cardamon might be interesting too. However, the host - whose mom was French - has mentioned the one he often ate growing up - very homey, traditional, just something his mom would whip up in a pinch. So, I'm thinking I want to keep it pretty simple for (his) nostalgia's sake - not 'spice' it up too much.
susan G. February 5, 2011
Alcohol-free (and real) vanilla is available, if you have time to find it today. Maybe it's the day for cardamon?
davidpdx February 5, 2011
Of course, the vanilla (if an extract) has alcohol in it, too. With good pears it will taste fine; you could bump up the flavor a bit by sprinkling on the servings some toasted almond slices or grated amaretti cookies.
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