How does one store a pear pie that has been made the day before it is served?

For Thanksgiving I had to make a pear pie on Wed. and then left it at room temp. overnight. It was gloppy and had basically ruined the crust. What should I have done?

  • Posted by: Karintea
  • November 28, 2011
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1 Comment

Shuna L. November 29, 2011
I store all my pies at room temperature, on the counter with a dishcloth draped over it, for protection. But it sounds like the filling of your pie was quite moist and the bottom of the crust became soggy? In that case I would re-heat it in a fairly hot oven {375F} to bring back some of the crust's crunch. So many of these variables depend on the recipe of the crust & the interior filling. My basic crust recipe is just flour, butter, salt and a very little bit of ice water to bind. Crusts without sugar or eggs tend to stay crunchier longer, once out of the oven, sitting at room temperature.
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