Using dutch oven as slow cooker what temperatures



bigpan December 2, 2011
Over the years I have gotten braver with slow-and-low. I now cook at 225F realizing it takes a bit longer but the meat comes out sooo soft. Don't worry if after a couple hours it looks like nothing is happening -it will all come together after 4-7 hours depending on size of meat
james F. December 2, 2011
Don't forget to make sure the lid handle is made for high temperatures. Le Creuset usually come with plastic handles that don't do well in the oven. They do, however, sell metal handles to make it oven proof. You have to drop more cash, but that is better than smelling burnt plastic.
Sam1148 December 1, 2011
Depends on what you making, I'm thinking a stew or a roast? no?

In the oven at 325 for a roast, check the internal temp with a probe. A tougher cut of meat might take 3-6 hours on a low slow. If I'm going for a 6 hour roast I push down to 275 for 6 hours.
I use the oven for long slow cooking for roasts instead of stove top. The heat is more steady from all sides in the dutch oven pot which really need heat from all sides for long slow, remember "dutch oven" were designed for fireplace cooking or over coals which is why some cast iron dutch ovens have a deep lid and legs to be placed over coals and more coals on the top of the lid with a high rim on the lid to hold the coals.

So use your oven instead of stove top but use the dutch oven, in the oven to mediate the heat.
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