Simple Gifts Granola: do I powder the whole berry, or just the seeds or outer covering?

I have a question about the ingredient "1/2 teaspoon allspice" on the recipe "Simple Gifts Granola" from drbabs. Just realised that the seeds can be removed by cracking open the outer 'shell'. Its the first time I'm using the whole spice, I've always used the store bought powder prior to this,

Simple Gifts Granola
Recipe question for: Simple Gifts Granola


drbabs December 2, 2011
Interesting question. I love allspice, but I've only used the ground powder...thanks for testing. I hope you enjoy it!
susan G. December 1, 2011
Well I just learned something new (though it's not the first time!) -- I sold bulk herbs and spice for 29 years and never realized what happened when you crush the allspice berry. I'm sure the commercial ground allspice is made from the whole berry. I took a pair of pliers and crushed one so I could see what was there. Smells wonderful! I also made the granola and used ground allspice.
We sold a mixed peppercorn blend (black, white, green, pink) with allspice, but the home grinder (hand grinder) left the allspice behind, so we remove them. I had to find one to sell with only the peppers because other people had the same issue, but it does add a nice note.
Panfusine December 1, 2011
yep, the overall aroma that emanates got me asking this question, was the smell from the seed, or the outer covering!
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