What is the best crust for small individual tartlets --

Would like to do these ahead for a party -- plan to fill with meyer lemon curd

  • Posted by: mbmeyer
  • December 3, 2011


cookbookchick December 3, 2011
Meyer lemons are sublimely perfumed. To me, they bear little resemblance to the common lemon. I have made Meyer lemon curd for tarts a number of times, always well-received! If you have a source for them, do try it!
bigpan December 3, 2011
I'm no Betty Crocker make-from-scratch person. I buy the frozen mini tart shells, bake, and fill. If you top with whipped cream (and you should) sprinkle with some zest. You can also mix lemon AND lime zest for color and taste.
SeaJambon December 3, 2011
I do EXACTLY the same thing (don't forget the dollop of freshly whipped cream on top -- totally sublime -- nothing more rewarding for a cook than when your guests' eyes roll back in their head with delight -- wonderful! But I get ahead of myself...). I always use Julia Child's crust recipe from her "The Way to Cook", adjusted for a sweet tart (so adding a small amount of sugar). Note that it also freezes well, so in your situation, depending on the number of tartlets you are making, you can easily make the crust, roll out in the tart shells, and freeze until needed. Can be a nice time saver.

And, a question for you. I have always made my lemon curd with "regular" lemons, but saw some lovely meyer lemons in the store recently that got me thinking about making these with a meyer lemon curd. I don't really know much about the difference, but my research suggests that meyer lemons might be just as lemony without quite as sour. Is that your experience? Can you (or anyone else) comment on the flavor profile or other differences between lemon curd using traditional versus meyer lemons? (otherwise, I may be forced to do both and have a taste testing -- oh horrors!) . :)
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