Why did my dough spread out so much? While baking, it overwhelmed the baking sheet and is so flat, it looks more like a pizza than a cake or a br...

...ead. Can anyone help

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1 Comment

boulangere December 4, 2011
I will certainly defer to Maria Teresa Jorge here, but let me ask a few questions. Her mixing instructions are very specific and thorough. Did you follow them? Was your butter truly room temperature? If not, it will take much longer for it to incorporate and for the texture of the dough to develop. Did you mix for the requisite time on the paddle, then switch to the hook for the recommended 15-20 minutes? All of these steps are critical for adequately incorporating all the ingredients, especially the soft butter, and for developing enough gluten (the protein in flour) to prevent your dough from spreading as yours did. A King's Cake treads a fine line between being a tender bread and a cake, more the former than the latter. The room temp butter is essential to the tenderness, and the explicit mixing instructions. are critical to the structure. I hope this helps you.
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