Our Beloved Five Two Cookware

Five Two Cookware Is A Game-Changer

Our exclusive line is powered by decades of kitchen know-how, feedback from thousands of members of our community, and countless rounds of testing until we got it just right. Take a look at some of the reasons our cookware is getting high marks.

The Top 6 Things Our Community's Raving About

1. Nonstick AND Stainless Steel? Best Of Both Worlds.

I spent WEEKS searching for a cookware set that included both nonstick & stainless. When I finally found this combo, it was as if someone had climbed inside my head and created my dreams.
abrainerd, a Community Member whose homework paid off

2. Glass Lids (Like 57% Of You Asked For), But Even Better. They're Tempered.

I really love the glass lid so I can keep an eye on my food while cooking.
D.E., a community member proving a watched pot can boil

3. Built-In Strainers So You Can Say Goodbye To Extra Dishes.

The saucepan eliminates the need for a colander, and is beautiful to boot.
Evelyne, a community member all for getting dinner on the table faster

4. Rivet-Free Interiors. Because It’s The Little Things That Make Cooking A Joy.

I love the welded handles because it’s easy to clean inside.
NaKaMom, a community member who appreciates thoughtful design

5. Simple to Clean & Oven Safe. (More Time Sharing A Meal, Less Time Cleaning.)

Made a Dutch baby in the 10” nonstick skillet, and it was perfect! Stovetop-to-oven was great. The whole set cleans up really easy.
amymarie06, a community member who believes in breakfast for dinner

6. Stay-Cool, Non-Slip Handles Make Them Extra Easy To Grip.

This pot checks all the marks and then some: Handle stays cool, no rivets inside for food to catch, perfect size.
Barbara, a community member whose wishlist is granted

Let's take a closer look

We added capacity markers to the inside of our sauté pan, saucepan, and stock pot so you can do rough measurements, quickly.
Thanks to the diamond-infused ceramic coating, our two nonstick options are non-toxic even at temperatures up to 600°F (unlike traditional nonstick).
57% of our community members asked for glass lids. We made ours lightweight, tight-fitting, and oven-safe up to 390°F. And yes, that’s a built-in strainer right there on the lip of this stock pot.
Welded-on handles make for a seamless, modern look and an easy-to-clean, rivet-free interior (no buildup, no gunk).

Meet the collection

Five Two by GreenPan Essential Cookware Sets

Skillets (8", 10" and 12")

Sear, fry, brown, flip, and steam like nobody’s business. Non-toxic nonstick and stainless steel cover all your bases.

Five Two by GreenPan Essential Cookware Sets

Shop Skillets (8", 10" and 12") Now
Five Two by GreenPan Essential Sauté Pan

4QT Sauté Pan

A tight-fitting lid keeps things under cover while giving you a clear view of the action—looks like pasta night is on the way.

Five Two by GreenPan Essential Sauté Pan

Shop 4QT Sauté Pan Now
Five Two by GreenPan Essential Saucepan

1.5QT and 2.7QT Saucepans

Drizzle and pour mess-free with a built-in spout and strainer. You wanted a smaller size to heat up a cup of hot chocolate, and you got it.

Five Two by GreenPan Essential Saucepan

Shop 1.5QT and 2.7QT Saucepans Now
Five Two by GreenPan Essential Stock Pot

6QT Stock Pot

When soup is calling your name—use the handy measurement guide inside for just-right simmers.

Five Two by GreenPan Essential Stock Pot

Shop 6QT Stock Pot Now

Hot Off The Press

Breaking news: Our cookware’s been making headlines.

A Word from Amanda

This cookware is so clearly born out of the Food52 community. The pouring spouts, the straining lids, the interior measurements—all details that matter to home cooks everywhere. We made cookware that's sturdy and thoughtful, with a design that's destined to be a collector's item.

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