Wild Mushroom Turnovers

May 10, 2011
Wild Mushroom Turnovers

Author Notes:

One of my mother's favorite dishes at local restaurant, Lightfoot, is the wild mushroom strudel. The strudel is composed of a savory amalgam of wild mushrooms, goat cheese, crisp layers of phyllo, and toasted walnuts. Being severely allergic to nuts, I was never able to taste the strudel itself- but it looked incredible. My mother and I set about to make our own rendition at home. We folded strips of phyllo up flag style with parmesan, an earthy, wild mushroom duxelle and droplets of goat cheese, creating adorable little triangular packages. After a brushing of olive oil, a shower of parmesan, and a repose in the oven, we had a beautiful pan of golden, crisp deliciousness. Paired with a simple arugula and field greens salad, it is the perfect light supper for spring. Really though, this is a spectacular vegetarian choice for any time of year. They are excellent party appetizers and they freeze wonderfully.


Serves: about three or four dozen if you make them small. they could also be formed into two traditional-styled strudels.


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SweetB May 28, 2011
Hello All, <br /><br />This was NOT meant to be entered for the Best Soda Fountain Contest.<br />I have done everything that I can think of to try to take it off the list, but it won't <br />allow me to. <br /><br />Thank you,<br /><br />The Queen of Tarts
boulangere May 10, 2011
Phyllo, mushrooms, what's not to love?