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Chinese Chicken Wings

September 19, 2010
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  • Serves 5 up to ??? depends on the group
Author Notes

A friend made this recipe for a picnic and we all devoured them. They moved away and before they left I made sure I had the recipe - so of course, now it's "my" recipe. I've made it for every party I've been invited to and always for family gatherings. I've made these wings in California and Greece for friends and family and have never found one person who didn't drool over them. The secret is to burn them a little, so be sure you remember that step. —Antigone

What You'll Need
  • 18 chicken wings
  • 1/2 cup soy sauce
  • 1/2 cup honey
  • 1/2 cup lemon juice (bottled)
  • alot of garlic powder
  1. Buy party wings or wingettes (chicken wings already cut up)- you don't want the tips
  2. Mix together the soy sauce, honey, lemon juice and garlic powder.
  3. Put the wings into the mixture and marinate over night
  4. Place the wing pieces into a baking pan (I use a tin foil pan) in one layer, don't pile them onto the pan.
  5. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes and then broil them on each side so that each side gets a little burnt. Don't be afraid of their getting a little black, that's what brings out the flavor
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15 Reviews

fearlessem May 31, 2013
Made these last night (with fresh lemon juice and a little hot sauce added), and they were absolutely fantastic. I grilled them after baking, and boiled down the marinade and re glazed them with it at the end. Best wings I've ever made -- thanks!!
Kriti July 3, 2012
I am making these for tomorrow - the 4th - won't my Midwest friends be delighted at this Greek tradition - LOL!
AppleAnnie September 23, 2010
Is there any reason, other than convenience, not to use fresh lemon juice?
MarySak September 22, 2010
These are the best wings ever!! We all love them and I can tell you if you serve these there will be no Leftovers!! YUMMY!
KatinaG September 22, 2010
These wings are AWESOME! They have been served at my parties for decades and not one person has not LOVED them! It is a very unique flavor. Even little kids love them. There are never any left over much to my disappointment. Love em!
HarryB September 22, 2010
I have spent 24 years in upstate NY, the birth place of chicken wings, so I do know wings. I do enjoy coming home to savour these wings at family gatherings.
nancyA September 22, 2010
These are the BEST wings I have ever eaten! There is no doubt in my mind that if you try this very easy recipe you will be hooked too.
Katina September 21, 2010
I couldn't always be at the events where these "wings" from heaven were being served...the recipe was shared and I tried it on my own...we are a competitive family when it comes to cooking-this recipe is fool proof! My husband made it even simpler...if you have a cast iron griddle for your gas grill-you can get that "charred" flavor without having to first bake then broil them. The flavor can not be improved upon-as you can see from the photo if the photographer had taken any longer the plate would have been empty!
Tiffany September 21, 2010
Honestly, I do not even normally LIKE wings. But these, I LOVE! So many wing recipes are all about the thick skin and barely about the flavor of the meat. The glaze on these is not only manna from heaven- a perfect balance of sweet and tangy... but the meat is still the focus! And seriously, could this recipe be any easier? Simple ingredients = $money$
Constantine September 21, 2010
These delicious little meats have the perfect glaze: extremely flavorful but still light, adding a lovely crispy texture with a satisfying mouthfeel. They're the kind of appetizer you'd be happy to have as a meal, which people often attempt to do when they're served at a party. I can't even look at the photo because I start craving them.
baker_george September 21, 2010
I ate a dozen three days ago! My mouth started watering all over again when I saw the photo. Needless to say they are good.
TroyV September 21, 2010
Once a year, I travel from MD to CT to eat these very wings. Never disappointed!
Kriti September 20, 2010
I can also vouch for these wings! Totally addictive. The key is getting the wings cut in two pieces, with no tips - they lay flatter in the pan for even browning ie. semi-burning as comment above!
megan_angelos September 20, 2010
I can personally attest to the fact that these are indeed the best chicken wings ever! I look forward to them at every family occasion, as do all the other guests - these chicken wings are on the table that everyone is hovering over. Not only are they delicious, but the recipe couldn't be can you not like a recipe that gives you permission to burn them a little :)
AntoniaJames September 19, 2010
Mmmm. So delicious looking (and sounding). Gorgeous photo, too!! ;o)