Mother's Day Gift Guide

The Make-Her-Mother's-Day Gift Guide

the best-selling & definitely mom-pleasing

Our tried-and-true shop favorites (like our handmade butter keeper) that won't let her down.

I'd get the butter keeper for my mother except she already bought several of them for herself and friends—so I know it's a sure hit with mothers.
Amanda Hesser, Co-founder, Food52

best cookware, best cook

Ragus, roasts, curries, and stews: make sure she's covered with the right pots and pans.

My totally put-together alter ego has a fleet of these blue beauties in her perfectly outfitted kitchen.
Merrill Stubbs, Co-founder, Food52

kitchen tools that make themselves useful

Give mom a hand—or an extra set—with our most clever, time-saving, and helpful-around-the-house tools.

Fill the modular spice rack up with her favorite spices.
Amanda Hesser

baking gear for the sweetest tooth

The icing on the cake: glassy dessert stands or a new set of mixing bowls.

handmade, heirloom, heart-warmers

Handthrown ceramics and textiles sewn with care are one-of-a kind for your one-of-a-kind.

the great (gifts) outdoors

Whether she's more camping or glamping, we've got sweet and sturdy picnic accessories, rugged coolers, and the goods to make a windowsill garden.

Mom's Day Off

Remind your mom that she deserves time to kick her feet up. Just add a soothing candle or a soft robe.

I'll be giving this robe to my mother this year—it's perfect for after the bath, and there's nothing she loves more than a soak in the tub.
Merrill Stubbs

pantry stockers: syrups to sauces

Introduce her to something she might not have tried on her own—before you know it, she won't be able to have her waffles without bourbon maple syrup.

I've given my mother our olive oil subscription—it reminds her of the happy times she's spent in Italy, and gives her the tools for great dressings all year long.
Amanda Hesser

Thank Mom for $50 & Under

Somethin' somethin's, just for mom.

A pretty spoon rest next to the stove will brighten any cook's day.
Merrill Stubbs

Under $100, 100% Mom

A handpainted pie plate, the smartest mixing bowls we've found, and lots more ideas for mom, this way.

Serve the mom in your life a frittata or a quiche for brunch in a beautiful pie plate, and then tell her she gets to keep it!
Merrill Stubbs