Wash and brush up.

Your bathroom just got a 30-second upgrade thanks to these snazzy accessories. The tumbler keeps brushes and bristles ready for action atop the tidy tray that's all decked out in a matte finish. And—let's hear it for team work—there's a soap dish and dispenser to match. To complete the look? A very handy toilet brush and a step-open trash can you won’t have to hide in the darkest corner. It’s all available in the most fetching of colors.

Please allow a 5% color variance for each piece.

Complete Set of 5 includes Toilet Brush, Tray, Tumbler, Soap Dispenser, and Storage Box. Essential Set of 3 includes Tray, Tumbler and Soap Dispenser. Tray + Tumbler is a two-piece set. Waste Bin + Toilet Brush is a two-piece set. Toilet Brush and Waste Bin are the only items available for individual sale.