Always at the ready.

Maybe you’re on a picnic and need to carve a hefty watermelon...or you’re moving and have a roomful of cardboard boxes to break open. Or, perhaps you have more than a few bushes that need pruning. Whatever the case, you’ll be glad to have this French-made folding knife in your pocket. At just 1.5 ounces, it’s perfectly portable—and with a 3.25-inch carbon-infused stainless-steel blade, it packs a real punch, too. See the wooden handle? It’s tapered just right to provide an easy-breezy grip. Fun fact: This wonder comes from Opinel, who’s been crafting travel-ready knives since 1890. And it’s so darn practical, “opinel” has since been added to the French dictionary as a generic term for any pocket knife (who knew?).