On a razor’s edge.

When Messermeister told us these slicers were the sharpest they’d ever made, we weren’t surprised. They were designed with a lil’ help from legendary bladesmith Shoichi Kawashima, and they’re crafted by third-generation knife artisans in Seki, Japan (aka the home of modern Japanese kitchen cutlery). Each one has an ultra-fine, 15-degree cutting edge made from rare powdered steel, plus a curved handle that’ll go easy on the hands and wrists.

Snap up whichever knife suits your fancy (there’s a 4-inch paring, 6-inch utility, 8-inch chef’s, and 10-inch slicer) or grab the five-piece set—which comes with all four, plus a magnetic wooden block that’ll keep ‘em always at the ready. Now, that’s a sharp lineup!