Welcome home, plants.

Just when we were on the lookout for eye-catching terra-cotta pots that our indoor plants could call home, we met these footed finds. They’re all made in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, using clay sourced from the very same region (a happy coincidence, since this very-special area happens to be world-famous for its terra-cotta). Oh, and here’s another fun fact: All these planters are fired in kilns that’re fueled by rice husks, another locally sourced material. Now, see that subtly worn-in look on the outside of each vessel? It’s no accident, since these are carefully crafted to create a one-of-a-kind finish that’ll age beautifully over time.

Snap up a small pot for your windowsill, a large one for the floor of your entryway, or the medium-sized vessel if you’re looking for something in between. (Though, if you ask us, these gems are so versatile that we wanna snap ‘em up in all three sizes.)