Gardening game-changers.

Keep these tried-and-true tools on your person, and you can go ahead and call yourself a bona fide gardener. Let’s talk about the shears first: They’ve got stainless steel blades that can slice through stems as thick as 20 mm (that’s over 3/4 of an inch), plus comfy beech handles that’ll go easy on the hands. See the little locking mechanism on the side? It’ll keep your pruners closed when they’re not snipping up a storm—plus it slides into those lil’ notches so you’re ready to cut branches big and small. (No wonder Oprah’s a fan.)

Now, about the folding knives. Each one is extra-safe to use, thanks to a ring that’ll keep it open while you’re using it and closed when you’re not. Plus, just like the shears, they all come from Opinel, the famed French maker behind the pocket-sized folding knife. You’re getting three slicers in the set, all clad in stainless steel and ready to cover your pruning bases:

  • A saw knife for small trees and branches up to 4 inches,
  • A very-versatile garden knife for those smaller tasks, plus
  • A curved pruning knife for—you guessed it—pruning (grape picking, too).