Blend the rules.

Who knew a blender could cut such a sleek profile on the countertop? Just as you’d expect, this German-engineered wonder is brimming with modern perks.

  • Razor sharp: The German-made blade inside is high-carbon steel, with thick outer edges that’ll crush nuts and ice in a snap, plus sharper inner edges for smooth-as-silk purées. Oh, and it comes from a world-famous cutlery maker, too.
  • Works from the bottom up: The container has another trick up its sleeve—the bottom is curved just-right to push food into the blades.
  • Strong as can be: This one sure packs a punch, since it’s powered by a high-performance 1,400-watt motor (that’s almost two horsepower).
  • Settings aplenty: It has 6 pre-programmed settings: Smoothie, Cocktails, Ice Cream, Ice Cube, Multifunction/Pulse, and Cleaning (yep, it cleans itself). Plus, 12 variable speed settings let you fine-tune your blend.
  • Built-in timer: See the digital timer on the base? It’ll count up the seconds when you’re in Multifunction mode, or count down and beep if you’re using one of the auto programs.
  • Made to measure: The 60.8-ounce Tritan container has handy markers right on the side—fluid ounces, milliliters, your pick—so you always know how much goodness you’re whipping up. Bonus: The lid stopper doubles as a measuring cup.
  • Very, very versatile: Sure, it’ll prep a smoothie, no problem, but we’re using it for our puréed soups, chunky salsas, sorbet, and frozen margaritas, too. (There’s even an app - ZWILLING Culinary World - that’s chock full of recipes, created especially for this here blender. Find it in your app store for both iOS & Android devices),