24 Bitter Greens To Battle the Bitter Cold

December 26, 2017

Endive, escarole, broccoli rabe, rapini, dandelion greens, and mustard—these bitter greens thrive in the bitter cold. They also thrive in a whole mess of cozy, wintry dishes, from creamy pastas to sharp, punchy salads, and hold up well to virtually any preparation method, whether pickled, roasted, stewed, or left crunchy and raw.

So when the weather turns bitter, turn to bitter greens. Layer broccoli rabe onto a herb-topped pizza, temper the bite of dandelion greens with a warm bacon vinaigrette, or just round up a mess of bitter leaves and tuck them into a cheesy quesadilla. Whatever you do, don't forget to eat your (bitter) greens—here are 24 ways.

Mustard Greens

broccoli rabe & rapini

Dandelion Greens & Watercress

escarole & endive

Mix & Match!

How do you use bitter greens? Or do you skip them in favor of milder spinach and chard?

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