Things just got personal.

Take a German-engineered blender that’s brimming with modern features, shrink it down a bit for all your smaller-sized tasks, and what do you get? This wonder that’s ready to whip up single-serving smoothies, fresh dips and sauces, you name it. It’s got lots of the same perks of its larger sibling, in a more petite package.

  • Container meets portable cup: The 19-ounce blending jar doubles as a travel tumbler, so you can take all your sips with you. (Just add the handy to-go lid.)
  • A cut above: That blade? It’s German-made high-carbon steel, and it comes straight from a world-famous cutlery maker.
  • Pick your program: It’s got two settings built right in: Smoothie for your power drinks and fruity fixes, plus Multifunction for all your pulsing and chopping.
  • Small but mighty: This one’s powered by a 500-watt motor, so you bet it packs a punch.
  • Measures up: Literally—since the container has fluid-ounce and milliliter markers right on the sides.
  • Looking sharp: LED illuminated controls, a smooth-as-silk wonder we can’t stop staring.