Butter at the ready.

Pop quiz: How do you keep butter soft and oh-so spreadable, for weeks on end? Answer: Turn to this keeper right here. A rustic take on the classic French beurrier, it lets you store your go-to spread out of the fridge and anywhere you need it close by (counter, table, your pick). Just fill the bell on top with some golden goodness—a stick should do the trick—then add a layer of water to the base, put ‘em together, and you’ll get an airtight seal that keeps it all fresh at room temp for a month or so (just don’t forget to change the water every few days). This gem just so happens to be wheel-thrown in Vermont, too, so it’ll paint a real pretty picture wherever you set it.

Now, if you’ll pass the butter—we’ve got a fresh slice of toast that needs tending to.