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A question about a recipe: Curried Kabocha and Kale

I have a question about the ingredient "galangal" on the recipe "Curried Kabocha and Kale" from edamame2003.

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PhillipBrandon added almost 2 years ago

It's a root-looking thing (I think technically a "rhizome"). It looks a bit like garlic, but with a much stronger flavor. It comes fresh or powdered; this looks like it's calling for the fresh root. Asian or Indian markets are going to be your best bet to finding some. It's not stocked in many mainstream American shops.

Quinciferous added almost 2 years ago

Wait, it looks like ginger, not garlic, and has a very similar flavor. If you cannot find galangal wherever you are -- and I agree that Asian markets would be your best bet -- fresh ginger is a good substitute.

PhillipBrandon added almost 2 years ago

Yes. Ginger. Sorry about that. Clearly time for me to turn in for the night.

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