Easter was already five days ago, so it's likely that the hot cross buns, candy eggs, and roasted lamb you slaved over is, by now, long gone. Luckily, they will live on forever in Instagram fame. Before you get to planning your next festive meal (Cinco de Mayo? Mother's Day? Fourth of July?), take a minute to slow down and relive Easter Sunday. The Easter Bunny needs his time in the spotlight, too.

        Clockwise from top left, these 'grams come from: fortheloveofthesouth, yossyarefitwoofakindcooks, and aboutanja.

      Clockwise from top left, these 'grams come from: mariantorofluxitworedbowls, and hummingbirdhigh.

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     Clockwise from top left, these 'grams come from: veronicaolsen, acouplecooksthefarmfiles, and wrightkitchen.

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