9 Recipes for Your Next Camping Trip

June  4, 2014

It’s no secret that we love our kitchens. We’ve happily given our hearts to stand mixers, to tenderizers, to those dearly beloved tools we can’t live without. But this summer, we’re leaving it all behind. It’s not you, kitchen -- it’s us. Because however much we treasure our stovetops and ovens, everything tastes better over a campfire

The minute spring came, you were already eating al fresco. You were the master of cookouts and picnics in the park. But camping is another adventure entirely. It’s about you, a fire, and a cast-iron skillet -- and if you ask us, that’s the best kind of challenge. Whether you’re a proud glamper or a hardy outdoorsperson, we rounded up the essential recipes for your next trip into the wild. These are recipes to tell stories by, to laugh by, to savor long after the last embers have gone out. Whip up a batch of trail mix and pack your bags -- summer is calling. 

Trail Mix by Merrill Stubbs

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Bulgogi Jerky by savorthis


Fruit-Laden, Whole-Grain Pancakes by Nicholas


Hot Dogs with Fake Sauerkraut Relish by QueenSashy


Charred Corn and Avocado Salad with Lime, Chili and Tomato by EmilyC


Alabama-Style Chicken Kebabs by inpatskitchen


A Medley of Roasted Potatoes with Homemade Za'atar and Aleppo Pepper by onetribegourmet


Whole Roasted Fish with Rosemary Potatoes by DueSpaghetti


Sara's "Granola Bars" by Merrill Stubbs


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SIU_Avalanche June 26, 2015
Try a dutch oven! coals on top and bottom
Prepare potatoes (oil, seasonings of choice, 1/4'd onion, peppers) in a zipper bag before you go, preheat dutch oven, dump in, cover,stir!
AntoniaJames June 4, 2014
How do you make roasted potatoes that take 40 minutes in the oven while camping? Have you adapted this recipe? Do tell! Thanks so much. ;o)
Lisa S. June 11, 2014
I would boil them the night before heading out and pan-roast them over the fire!