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Featured Collection: Work Lunch

September  4, 2014

Today: We're upping the stakes on our brown bag lunches, thanks to this collection by ariel a.

Vegan Lunches that Pack Well

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There's something calming and exciting about packing up a lunch for work or school. You can imagine yourself mid-day, hungry and irritable, brightening when you open your brown bag (or slightly more fashionable model) and remember, Oh yes, I packed this today!

So we're turning to this collection from ariel a for a little lunchtime inspiration. From leftover-driven sandwiches to toast (avocado-slathered and cheesy) to the perfect boiled egg, this collection is bringing up our lunchtime standards. Join us in the fight for lunchtime improvement.

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Photo of veggie burger by Karen Mordechai, all other photos by James Ransom. 

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