5 Links to Read Before Cooking Rice

September 17, 2014

Each week, we’ll be sharing a comprehensive list of links to help you master something new in the kitchen. Culinary greatness, here you come..

Today: A guide to the perfect pot of rice.

Rice is a fickle ingredient. Some days, it's overcooked and mushy, and other days, it's hard and stuck to the bottom of the pot. It's no wonder there are so many conflicting approaches and techniques to cooking it. But perfectly cooked rice -- whether it's fried with kimchi, stirred into a creamy risotto, or sweetened with maple syrup for rice pudding -- is a versatile staple suited for any meal. Skip the rice cooker and read these links instead -- you'll be making big, beautiful batches of rice in no time.

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Kimchi Fried Rice Aristotelian Rice and PeasSummer Corn Risotto Brown Rice Jambalaya-ish

  • Before you get started, study this handy guide to rice varieties. (Huffington Post.)
  • Washing rice to remove excess starch is a crucial first step. (Martha Stewart.)
  • Follow along as our community weighs in on fluffy, stress-free rice. (Food52.)
  • Commit these tips to memory for fried rice success. (Bon Appétit.)
  • Watch this video for Kim Severson's no-stick, no-fuss, no-fail rice. (New York Times.)

What's your favorite way to cook rice? Share your tips with us in the comments!

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suzi September 21, 2014
Rice is something I grew up learning to cook. It's like being a baker, I'm told, and how you get a "feel for the dough" . With rice, after many years of making it you don't need to measure the rice or water anymore. I use the bring to a boil, simmer, then turn off the heat and let it steam method. I've never had a bad pot of rice! If you like rice, jump in there and make it often. It's cheap if you mess it up- keep trying. It'll come, and it's so satisfying to sit down with fresh hot steamy rice with a good saucy meal. Yum!
jane.coombs88 September 20, 2014
Down under they cook rice by boiling it in a lot of water. in the Northern Hemisphere the method is more of a steaming technique. Why is there a difference in cooking techniques?
Alice S. September 20, 2014
My current favorite is Japanese "haiga" rice. It's between white and brown rice and is delicious.
PieceOfLayerCake September 20, 2014
Rice is my kryptonite too. 3 tiered wedding cake with French genoise and Italian meringue buttercream? No problem! But fluffy, long-grain, white rice? Disaster. Thank you for this.
kddayton September 18, 2014
don't wash the rice! it eliminates nutrients!
AntoniaJames September 18, 2014
When using the baking method for varieties other than Carolina Gold (the kind Severson cooks in the video), is the time in the oven and/or the waiting time different? I'm most interested in knowing about brown basmati. Thank you. ;o)
Tasty P. September 17, 2014
A simple recipe for cooking unique rice varietals to get you in the kitchen, cooking real food, that is wholesome, delicious, and good for you!

Lauren K. September 17, 2014
What a great resource! Thanks for sharing!