Sauteed Radishes with Mint

September 17, 2010

In the video below, A&M are joined by their friend and beloved New York Times food columnist Melissa Clark. The three make liahuber's Sauteed Radishes with Mint, which Melissa heroically flips by hand while A&M look on from a safe distance (they're burners).

This week's videos were once again shot and edited by filmmaker Elena Parker. For more of the delightful Melissa Clark, follow her on Twitter @goodappetite and pick up a copy of her just-released cookbook In the Kitchen with A Good Appetite!

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CWCBeth September 21, 2010
This sounds soo yummy ! Can't wait to try it !
Kitchen B. September 19, 2010
I've never successfully cooked radishes so I'm so looking forward to trying this, especially with my garden mint. Congrats
mariaraynal September 18, 2010
Love this video -- I felt like I was in the kitchen with the three of you. Melissa, really looking forward to reading your book. And liahuber, great to see this terrific recipe as a finalist!
liahuber September 17, 2010
How fun! Yes, the oil raises the burning point on the butter, so I like to use a combo of both. And as you guys saw, it lets you get it nice and hot for a quick brown, so the radishes are still nice and crisp-tender in the center. Loved Melissa's comment that this is, essentially, a riff on radishes with butter and salt. I hadn't thought of it that way, but it's so true!
Lizthechef September 17, 2010
Gosh, wonderful to see you, Melissa. I'm a HUGE fan of you and your recipes!
monkeymom September 17, 2010
How cool to see Melissa Clark! I love her seared radish crostini recipe from the NY Times. The perfect guest hostess for radishes in my book!