The Fourth Annual Food52 Holiday Secret Swap

November 13, 2014

Even though it's warm and sunny here in Berkeley, the contents of my inbox (Christmas sales already?!), sightings of holiday decor and festive lights, and the overabundance of cranberries and clementines at my market suggest that the holiday season is fast approaching. So let's get to another round of the Food52 Secret Holiday Swap

This event is our very own Food52 holiday goodies swap (think: non-denominational Secret Santa) where Food52 users from around the country (and around the world!) send packages of baked goods, preserves, candies, and any other creative gadgets they can come up with to another Food52er. It's our way to spread some holiday cheer to other people in this wonderful community.

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This will be the fourth year running of our little community's big exchange. Last year we had almost 200 participants from 7 countries on 3 continents. A package went as far as from the US to India! For the first time we had mini-swaps in Canada, the UK, and Europe. You can see some of these truly heartfelt and wonderful and fun packages of holiday joy on the holiday swap Tumblr.

If you're interested in participating this year, sign up here by November 29th and be prepared to ship by December 15th. As an added bonus, all participants will receive a promo code for a 10% discount in Provisions!

I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with this year!


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    Ann Altman
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    nancy essig
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Lover of cooking, baking, and all things involving tater tots. Organizer of the Food52 Holiday Swap.


LeishaEllen November 16, 2015
I'm super excited for this to happen again - is it? Will there be a 5th holiday seret swap????
cpnguyen November 16, 2015
I was just wondering about this as well! I would love to participate if there will be a 5th annual secret swap!
walkie74 January 27, 2015
Out of curiosity, I'm wondering if my giftee ever got their package? I didn't see any pics on Tumblr and I never heard anything...
nancy E. January 27, 2015
If more people were raised with proper manners, the world would be a better place. I never heard from my giftee either. I also did not receive a package. Sorry you were not thanked for your gift.
Ann A. January 6, 2015
I sent an email to the gmail address - as instructed - because I didn't receive a package. I spent a week preparing the box I sent (and a not-insignificant sum on postage to get it across the country) and I'm left feeling upset and left out.
nancy E. January 6, 2015
I know how you feel Ann. I was so excited to do this, now feel sad.
nancy E. January 6, 2015
Sorry, can you tell me...What gmail address?
nancy E. January 12, 2015
Ann Altman, did you ever get your package?
nancy E. January 4, 2015
Dear Enbe, After being so very excited to participate I am so disappointed I could cry. My swappee received her pkg. on the 17th of Dec. and will not acknowledge receipt, the person who is to send me a package has so far not done so. What has happened in this world where we are so rude we do not acknowledge receipt of gifts or we just drop the ball on our obligations.
nancy E. December 29, 2014
Wah...I want my package
enbe December 4, 2014
By now everyone should have gotten their match. If you have not, first check your spam folder and then send me an email at [email protected].
Nicole O. December 2, 2014
Any word on the names yet? I don't think I've gotten mine and I checked the Spam folder.
cpnguyen December 2, 2014
I got mine early this morning!
enbe December 2, 2014
They're going out in waves and you should get it very soon! It's a pretty low-tech operation over here ;)
Smelky November 25, 2014
Totally stoked for my second year!!!!!!! Thank you Enbe!!!!!
Far N. November 21, 2014
What a great idea! Thanks for setting this up!
nancy E. November 18, 2014
Hi Enbe, Thanks for this wonderful opportunity. When can I expect to get my swapping partner? I signed up 3 days ago
enbe November 25, 2014
Hi! Emails will be going out early next week. If you're worried about not getting my email, add [email protected] to your contacts so the email doesn't get shuffled into the spam folder.
KiraSmith November 18, 2014
Sp excited, can't wait to send out our swap!
anne November 17, 2014
You have clementines? Where? I live in Berkeley and the only damn thing I can find are those stupid local "cuties" that are so very sadly mistaken for Spanish Clementines. Whole Food's used to carry them but I guess they decided local California cuties were more "green" so no longer do I get my lovely boxes of those sweet, seedless delights that rattle in their skins. I would go anywhere in the bay to get them if only I could find the vendor that understands the important difference.
enbe November 25, 2014
Oops! I guess they're just cuties - but here in full force! I can't believe they're so hard to track down.
Georgia November 17, 2014
Oops. I signed up for the 2014 swap. Earlier today I did a giant email purge. I'm hoping I didn't accidentally obliterate my swap partner info. Has it gone out yet?
enbe November 25, 2014
Georgia, Nope! You're set. The emails will go out early next week. If you're worried, add the [email protected] address so it doesn't get sent to spam.
cpnguyen November 14, 2014
I love this... signing up now!
walkie74 November 14, 2014
I got a wonderful package last year from a lady in Oklahoma. I can't wait to do it again!
Anne S. November 13, 2014
Wonderful way to get in the holiday spirit. How do I sign up?
enbe November 14, 2014
Click the link that says "sign up here" above in the text or here:
Anne S. November 17, 2014
Thanks. I'm signed up.
EmFraiche November 13, 2014
How did I miss this last year?? So excited!
Pegeen November 13, 2014
Enbe, you provide a great service to the Food52 Community! I know I speak for many, when I say THANK YOU. It brings a lot of joy. I want so much to sign up but will be traveling that period and concerned about packages. Do you think there's a way to match me up with someone who will accept, and send to me, something that fits in an envelope - like a recipe? :-)

Thanks again, Enbe. You're a generous person.
Jr0717 November 14, 2014
I would love to do a recipe swap with you! Maybe send a countdown to Christmas set of recipes, an envelope containing a dozen or so recipes? Something to that effect?

Please let me know if this is something you would be interested in! I have signed up for the Holiday Gift Swap, but wouldn't mind doing a recipe swap in addition to the gift swap!

Thank you for the consideration!
enbe November 14, 2014
It's a little complicated for me to add more limitations in addition to diet and location so I'm not sure I can match by gift preference, so sorry! It sounds like the two of you could swap here (I love the countdown idea!).
Pegeen November 14, 2014
Hi Jr0717 - Thank you so much for your great offer. But I have figured out a way to get someone to assemble the package and mail it for me, so I can go ahead and do the normal sign-up for the Holiday Swap. But I liked your "count down" idea and thank you for offering!
Jr0717 November 14, 2014
Hello Enbe,

I would very much like to still participate in the regular gift swap, and have already registered.
However, sharing recipes - be it here or through the mail - sounds like a great way to spread the festivities for the holidays!


Jr0717 November 14, 2014
Hi Pegeen,

I'm glad you were able to figure everything out!
Have fun with the gift swap this year, and have a happy Friday!
Pegeen November 14, 2014
Thank you, Jr0717... you too! :-)
enbe November 14, 2014
Great! I'm so glad it will work out :)