15 Donut Recipes to Tackle at Home

January 23, 2015

The glazed donut is there for you every morning: tried and true, always delicious, and never in need of reinventing. We didn't think it could be improved upon -- until we met cake donuts, baked donuts, and ones generously drizzled with chocolate or topped with cinnamon. Here are 15 donuts you can eat on their own or with a fabulous cup of coffee. 

Fried Angel Biscuit Donuts by Sarah Coates

Fried Angle Biscuit Donuts  

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Sopapillas (Latin American Quick Donuts) by erinmcdowell



Hannukkah Churros by Cordelia



Tuscan Rice Fritters (Fritelle di Riso) by Emiko 

Tuscan Rice Fritter


 Maple Meringue Filled Donuts by Lara

Maple Meringue Donuts 


Chocolate Donut Holes (Munchkins) by Samantha Senevirante | Love, Cake

Chocolate Donut Holes


Breakfast Churros With Cinnamon Sugar by SweetPaul

Breakfast Churros With Cinnamon Sugar


Apple Cider Donuts by Yossy Arefi

Apple Cider Doughnuts  


Blueberry Cake Donut Bars by erinmcdowell

Blueberry Cake Doughnut


Cranberry Ginger-Jam Donuts by Yossy Arefi



Sufganiyot (Jelly Donut) Cake by Sarah Jampel

Sufganiyot (Jelly Donut) Cake


Basic Yeast Donuts (with Many Variations) by erinmcdowell



Hannukkah Zeppole by deensiebat

Hannukkah Zeppole


Baked Chocolate Donut Holes by erinmcdowell

Baked Chocolate Donut Holes


Homemade Croissant Donuts by JulieVR

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mitch F. September 6, 2015
When Chock Full o 'Nuts re-opened on W 23rd St. in Manhattan in 2010, I had a conversation with one of the young chefs about the wholewheat donut recipe. The new owner had sent him to a see a retired baker from the old Secaucus Chock Full o' Nuts plant. Evidently, the retiree was one of the few people alive from Chock's heyday and had the recipe. The new chef came very close to duplicating the original whole wheat donut (evidently, he eschewed using lard, which was the fat used for the original donuts). I assume the young chef still has the recipe, and unless he's under oath, perhaps one day he'll share it with the world.
John October 23, 2015
I'm a 63-year-old former New Yorker who grew up in Manhattan and thought the Chock Full o' Nuts Sugared Whole Wheat donuts were the best in the world. I also bought them in 8-donut boxes of frozen donuts when Chock Full o' Nuts sold them in grocery stores. Now living in Maryland, I'd like to know if the new donuts taste like the old ones. Any plans to sell them frozen in grocery stores. If you have info contact me at [email protected] Thanks!
Laura415 January 30, 2015
I guess the whole point of it is to get over the fear of deep frying since all but one or two recipes require vats of oil to make. I don't think I'm over my fear completely but the Hannukkah Churros does use the method I like best which is to make a pate choux dough and deep fry it in oil. I make that dough and then drop spoonfuls in a small deep pot filled 2/3 with oil. It makes small donut hole shapes which we toss in cinnamon and sugar. Pate choux dough is amazing! You can bake it and get cream puffs. You can deep fry it and get donuts or beignets. Also I tried putting the leftover uncooked batter in the fridge and frying the next day. Still worked perfectly.
BrooklynBabette January 23, 2015
"* aren't* there any recipes. " "*What* is the reason". No Martinis for me before posting.
BrooklynBabette January 23, 2015
I love this DIY article. However why are there any recipes for Chock Full O' Nuts whole wheat donuts? They were so delicious. If you have figured out how to make them is the reason that they were hard to make?

Edward A. June 15, 2015
Ok You got me interested with the Chock full o nuts donuts
Only to find it is not here These bring back suck fond memories
Alas I will have to go on suffering with not a spec of these
delicious morsels to fulfill my now unfulfilled appetite
I was fine going thhough life haphazardly at best having
long forgotten these tasty morsels And now I suffer the
pain of losing a once great love Forever and ever