12 Granolas (and Granola Bars) to Get You Going

February  4, 2015

As the year gears up into warp speed, we all need a hearty, stick-to-your-ribs breakfast. Avocado toast is an obvious must, but it's wise to have something on-hand for when even toast seems too time-intensive. Enter granola: Brimming with oats, nuts, and other bits of goodness, it's a great weekend (or even weeknight!) project that can be kept around for the morning, as an afternoon pick-me-up, or even dinner.  Here are 12 granolas to pair with milk, yogurt, or fruit -- or simply shovel them into your mouth straight from the jar:

Nekisia Davis' Olive Oil and Maple Granola by Genius Recipes


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Buckwheat Granola by sil entre jardins



Homemade Granola by amber wilson | for the love of the south



Nutty, Nutty Granola by fiveandspice



Granola Bars by Kim Boyce



Walnut-Rosemary Savory Granola by Nicholas Day



Granola with Wild Seeds and Nuts by tama matsuoka wong


My Favorite Granola with Lots of Dried Fruit by TheWimpyVegetarian 



Maple Quinoa Granola by spacekase


Five Minute, No-Bake Vegan Granola Bars by Gena Hamshaw



Sara's "Granola Bars" by Merrill Stubbs


How to Make Granola Without a Recipe by Amanda Shulman

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Mei Chin

Written by: Mei Chin

Let's have dinner sometime. There will be champagne and ice cream for sure; everything else is up in the air.

1 Comment

Allyn February 4, 2015
I started making all of our granola/bars for a variety of reasons, including the fact that my husband is allergic to nuts, and the high price and strange ingredients that so many of the store bought ones came with. I now have a whole set of nut free recipes on hand, and have fallen in love with pumpkin and sunflower seeds.
Really love the idea of adding buckwheat groats! Might have to try that in my next batch.