A Haiku or Two, on Fresh Starts

February  8, 2015

Our thoughts on food and cooking
In seventeen beats. 


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Hairs cut. Counters cleaned.
Bed made. Laundry done. Now I
wait for the next mess.


If ironed sheets and
crisp linens a fresh start make,
I'm behind the curve. 

Are you inspired to write a poem about starting anew? The comments below are a safe space to express yourself.

Photo by James Ransom


AntoniaJames February 10, 2015
I'd like to see a
quarterly cleaning regime
suggested. Thank you.

AntoniaJames February 10, 2015
With windows open
Year round there is no such thing
Here as spring cleaning.

AntoniaJames February 9, 2015
Someone off topic, but perhaps not . . .
Spotted on a bumper sticker near College Avenue in the Rockridge district of Oakland:

Haikus confuse me
Too often they don't make sense
I want a cookie.

(No author or attribution included.)

Author Comment
Sarah J. February 10, 2015
You might find this amusing:
citlalnahuac February 8, 2015
Kitchen 'spring' cleaning:
Was major mess. Done early.
I am enjoying.