Behind The Scenes

How to Take a Food52-Style Photo

April  1, 2015

Today: Go behind the scenes with the Food52 editors to learn how to take the most beautiful food photos.


We take a lot of food photos. So today, our editors are offering an exclusive look at our tricks of the trade. Go behind the scenes and learn how to take the most beautiful photos with these five food styling tips—those Instagrams aren't going to like themselves.

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Video by Kyle Orosz; second camera by Eric Moran

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  • Jodi
  • Gail Romaine
    Gail Romaine
  • Caterina B
    Caterina B
  • Susan Nguyen
    Susan Nguyen
  • frog
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Jodi April 4, 2015
Gail R. April 2, 2015
Gave me a much-needed giggle! Thank you.
Caterina B. April 1, 2015
Icky! Right away when I saw all that grey food on a grey background I thought icky.
Then, a little later I caught on.
Susan N. April 1, 2015
Umm, I was confused at first until I read all the comments. Haha.. funny, but I was actually looking forward to reading an article on how to style food for food photography, so.... kinda disappointed. :(
Lindsay-Jean H. April 2, 2015
Hi Susan - check out these instead! and
frog April 1, 2015
Ambitious April 1, 2015
I was soo confused...why are you plating a tv dinner?! lol. and then the cutouts - too funny!!!

ohyoucook April 1, 2015
Do you recommend free-range paint, or will locally sourced paint suffice if I can't otherwise find the colors I need?
cookinginvictoria April 1, 2015
Brilliantly funny as always! No one does April Fool's Day better than you all.
Alicia T. April 1, 2015
I was puzzled at first. spray paint?! wrinkled napkin? little vase of dead flowers? and then someone pointed out that it was April Fool's day. Fool I am.
Alexandra S. April 1, 2015
Ha! But seriously, can you offer a photography class? That would be so so amazing.
June G. April 1, 2015
christina W. April 1, 2015
Love love love it. I'm going to perfect that paper cutout technique.
Mendy April 1, 2015
hahahahaha got me but that cover photo food shot unappetizing and I thought not up to their usual quality :)
STEsker April 1, 2015
Food52 is my place for community, recipes - and the best April's Fools! Thank you for giving me another reason to smile today!
Candace C. April 1, 2015
You got me last April Fools Day...I was ready for you today.
Donna Y. April 1, 2015
Too cute! Love it, guys!
Debbi S. April 1, 2015
At first, I bought into this. Then I realized James Ramson didn't do it. Then the spray paint....oh my gosh! Gotcha!! I laughed out loud! Thanks for that!!
Piloncillo&Vainilla April 1, 2015
Hahaha, you got me!
Isadora April 1, 2015
omg-- those cutouts brought back a long-lost childhood memory. it was a game my mother had us play: very precisely cut out food photographs from magazines, lay them out on the counter, then load onto your cafeteria tray what you want to eat. sit down and pretend to eat. no washing up!
SpoonGood April 1, 2015
You got me before I had my second cup of coffee! I was saying nooooo until the paper cutouts!