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Easy Upgrades That Will Change Cheese & Crackers

May 10, 2015

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Today: Our favorite picks for how to top your crackers better. 

We love riffs on avocado toast, but when perfectly fried bread is out of reach, we are all about the one-crunch bite. And we had a feeling we're not alone. Which is why we turned to Instagram to find out what you put on your crackers when you throw a party—or when no one is looking.

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Here are some of the combinations that had us craving crackers for dinner (and dessert!)



@Food52 thinks every one of these ideas is inspired. 

Didn’t see your beloved cracker topping? Share your tried-and-true topper in the comments below.

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    Iglika Petrova/Sprig of Thyme
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kitty June 27, 2015
Sharp cheddar and apple
Stephanie May 11, 2015
A spicy pepper jelly (I'm currently working my way through a jar of habanero peach) and a bit of cheese to balance the heat. A small plate of these and a glass of wine is a guilty "snack for dinner" pleasure.
isw May 11, 2015
Roquefort and a dollop of mayonnaise on a saltine, some good salami on the side, and a glass of cold milk to wash it down.
Iglika P. May 10, 2015
Hannah, thank you for the great tips. I love @caurena idea! My favorite way to enjoy crackers is to top them with dollop of greek yogurt mixed with lemon zest, then a piece of smoked trout and cucumbers.