Tailgate Paella

October 29, 2010

See A&M make Tailgate Paella by North Country Rambler -- a traditional Spanish paella that would kill at your next tailgate party (but cooks up handsomely on the stove too).

This week's videos were once again shot and edited by lovely and talented filmmaker Elena Parker.

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pierino November 1, 2010
The reason saffron is so expensive is that it is the stamin from the crocus flower. How would you like to go around picking those?
pierino November 1, 2010
I'm another true believer in the gospel of cooking paella outside over a real fire. The oven baked stuff is never as good---although many books will tell you to do that!
miserte October 31, 2010
I love the video, since it is very well done, but, as Spanish I can tell you that you don't use chorizo, nor onions in a Spanish paella, but pork ribs and chicken thighs mostly to give the flavor. It is also very important to get the yellowish safran color, and most of the times Spaniards use artifial flavoring that just give the right color (saffron is the most expensive spice in the world, it is said).
helicopterina October 30, 2010
paella is my spanish husband's signature dish. he uses the discarded bits from peeled shrimp to infuse a broth of saffron threads for cooking down the rice. he always uses a clean dishtowel at the end to cover it, too....which makes me a tad grumpy b/c of more laundry to do but it looks nicer for that final flourish of the 'reveal' moment...
helicopterina October 30, 2010
also meant to say-- this version looks fantastic!
North C. October 29, 2010
Ladies, you made my day. You can cook in my kitchen any time!
CookLikeMad November 1, 2010
You earned it! I made this on my small weber grill and it turned out perfectly. This recipe is superb!!