A List of Things We Like This Week

May  8, 2015

Propelled by our obsession with writing lists of things we like, the editors are sharing a few things that brought them joy this week. We won't call it self help, but we encourage you to give it a whirl. You will smile.

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  • Picholine
  • Sheri Cardella
    Sheri Cardella
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  • Pam Huggett
    Pam Huggett
  • aargersi
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Picholine July 17, 2015
Plein air painting
Cooking an entire dinner from recipes never tried from food 52
Setting a beautiful table on the porch with ocean theme
Loving my new accent color Teal
Zinnias and Queen Anne's Lace an antique pitcher
Little white lights sparkling on my plant on the porch
Sheri C. May 13, 2015
Peonies (in season now!)
Genius chicken thighs with preserved lemon (made it 3 times this week)
The warmth of the sun
Food52 Natural wood platters (so cool)
Cherries, fresh figs, burrata, arugula
My Girl
Cole May 9, 2015
A weeks worth of Mexican food in honor of Cinco de Mayo (and rediscovering the art of the homemade tortilla)
Happy babies in strollers
Warm spring days, cool nights
Flowers on my succulents
Reading Murakami outdoors
Pam H. May 8, 2015
Food52 (duh!)
Spring flowers
My garden club
Sweet AND salty food combos
Family and friends and doggies
aargersi May 8, 2015
Finding lamb's tongue and patchouli plant at the nursery and planting them
And zinnia's and leeks
People smiling at Ginger in her new old lady doggie stroller
Mesquite honey
Finding my neice's pressed flowers in my Yucatan cookbook