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From Where We Stand: A Photo Review

May 18, 2015

Today: A glimpse into our editors' lives through square snapshots, here's how the world looks from where we stand.

Resting on the job by Kristen
It looks like Associate Editor Ali Slagle is resting on the job, but she's actually a very important elbow model (V.I.E.M.) in an upcoming cookbook. —Kristen


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Making Ricotta Lindsay JeanThis was my first time making ricotta—the whole process was simple, yet I hovered over the stove anyway, mentally willing the curds to form. When they did, I declared myself a kitchen magician and promptly started batch number two. —Lindsay-Jean


East Village SpringWandering the streets of downtown Manhattan never gets old, especially when all the trees are finally green and there are ridiculously pretty homes like this one to dream about casually pulling up to in a Vespa. —Amanda


Leslie's PieWhen it's beautiful out, I'm usually incapable of staying indoors—maybe it's because I can hear my mom in my subconscious telling me to get outside and play, or else. But this weekend, I broke all the rules: I stayed indoors, skipped my long run to watch a movie, and called lunch a slice of the blueberry-mint-balsamic pie with a thyme butter crust my boyfriend had baked the night before lunch. (Yes, it's as good as it sounds and, yes, I'm doing everything I can to encourage his recent fascination with baking.) Sorry, Mom. —Leslie


Red Hook
Exactly one year after graduating from college, I saw this mural in Red Hook, Brooklyn. I took it as a reminder to call some of my old friends (and my mom). —Sarah


Magnum Ice Cream Bars
We took a picture of this ice cream, then let it melt, then took another picture. Call it food waste—or art. You decide. —Ali


Blackberry farm by Kenzi
Sometimes you find yourself in Tennessee. And sometimes you find yourself drinking saison at Blackberry Farm's brewery, which is magical despite its lack of cocktail tables. In these times, you improvise—and you get a second glass. —Kenzi

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Amanda Sims

Written by: Amanda Sims

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