What You Love to Search For, in a Word Cloud

If there's anything we love as much as our recipes, it's seeing how you use Food52. One thing's clear: Y'all are some awesome, seasonally-driven folk. Just look at this word cloud, which illustrates this past week's most popular searches:

Rhubarb rocked it, followed by asparagus. (Strawberries and ramps were in the top rung, too.) You also thought Genius Recipes—the column, book, and recipes itself—were, well, genius. Just take a gander at soy sauce eggs, the crispiest (unfried) way to cook chicken thighs, and olive oil cake. Dessert had a sweet spot as well, proving most everyone loves chocolate chip cookies, ice cream, and banana bread—especially one topped with peanut streusel. Of course, there were the old reliable standbys that are in style no matter the season: chicken, pasta, and kale salad all made a strong showing.

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