8 Campari Cocktails That Make Bitter Better

An Italian Greyhound in our new Art et Manufacture tall ceramic glasses.

An iridescent red liqueur, slapped with a shiny label, is deceptive. If you haven’t had Campari, its cough syrup-esque color masks a bitter flavor known to make many pucker. Like a lot of aperitifs, it’s an acquired taste. Initial grimaces bygone, don’t call it quits on Campari. When in doubt, make a cocktail.

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Let the liqueur intermingle with gin and sweet vermouth in a Negroni, a perfect specimen of how bitter and sweet can be oh-so-sweet. Pair Campari with orange for a Roman-inspired Serpenti and revel in the Italian stallion of a drink, crunching demerara sugar between your teeth. Spike beer with Campari and lime for a refreshing take on a Shandy that’s worthy of repeating all summer long. Even better: Serve your drinks in these Art et Manufacture tall ceramic glasses. They're pretty perfect for Campari (or any other summer) drink. Here are eight Campari cocktails to get you started, raising the bar on bitter. 

Shirley Temple Black by hardlikearmour


Campari Shandy by MollyandBrandon


Italian Greyhound by Ali Slagle


The Serpenti by Merrill Stubbs


The Negroni by Erika Kotite 


Negroni Sbagliato by Julie Myers 


Man-About-Town by MollyandBrandon


Negroni Flip by MollyandBrandon

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Traveler September 16, 2015
What happened to The Americano? My favorite Campari drink!
lori G. June 9, 2015
That seals it. I'm going to finally make the effort to have a different drink daily.
Can I. June 9, 2015
Thank you for this!